Frequently Asked Questions

Enhance U provides a 5-10 minutes free Demo. However, there could be times where we might have to cut a sorry figure, as this platform is only for serious learners. Instead, we encourage you to go for a 30 minutes Demo session @ Rs. 150/** for a better understanding, which will aid you to make the right choice

You can contact your designated Trainer, as per your Schedule & Plan

You can call/ whatsapp/ write to us. Else, simply fill out the Enquiry form & one of our Trainers would reach out to you & suggest the best one for you

Our Team works between 8 AM till 11 PM IST; between Monday through Saturday

We are afraid not at this point in time; but we are sure our best minds are positive to give you this option soon, when we move to a “fully automated” process

Your personal identity &/ details stays confidential with the Admin Team alone, for obvious reasons. In fact, even our Trainers wouldn’t know much about you, except your “training” requirements, unless you spill the beans

We understand not everyone is comfortable with Video calls and that is exactly the reason why. However, if a Student insists on Video calls, we can work that option out

Yes, you can but we strongly recommend you not to do so, as this could affect the “continuity” of your Learning path

Yes, you can. Talk to our Admin Team and they would be happy to sort this out for you

Enhance U strongly does not appreciate this, unless its an emergency. Our Trainers would intimate you 24 hours well in advance & you would be assigned a different Trainer for those days

Enhance U’s head office is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Please don’t hesitate to call or write to us & one of our Team members would revert to your query at the soonest possible