Spoken English Classes Online

Our goal is to make an Enhanced version of you, where you get to practice spoken English with a Seasoned Language Expert, through 1 on 1 sessions. We have a strong Team of Trainers, with 15+ years of rich Corporate experience. We impart the best knowledge to you through Case studies, theory & practical sessions, thus making it practically possible for an enhanced “Spoken English” conversation. Our Team strongly believes that nothing is impossible when you put your heart & soul into it & we stay committed with you in this journey

If you can be a “master” in your Mother Tongue, you can be one in English as well!!! Of course, when you make the right choice & stay diligent. At Enhance U, we urge you to make the right start of improvising / improving yourself during this time. We are confident that you would appreciate this choice of yours, when people applaud you. Our Team is here to provide you with guidelines to achieve the best version of yourself yet!

Let's quickly get started on discovering a new confident you. Do not procrastinate!!

Facts About Enhance U

Did You Know?

Enhance U is the first Online, Interactive & Live English Tutoring Service based out of Chennai, India
The Outline of the Course is designed carefully and is unique for every Student, based on their Competency & need to learn the Language
Enhance U strongly believes and encourages Work- life balance ; so as to ensure our Trainers & Students enjoy their “personal” time during Week ends
Enhance U specialises and is into:
  • Business Communication Training programs for Corporates
  • Soft Skills Enhancement & Public Speaking Course for College & School